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three young women at bachelorette party
Invite us to your bridal shower
or bachelorette party!


Your family and friends are all in one place and what a great time to be creative together. You can each paint a piece to keep for yourself or make a special gift set to give the newlyweds.


Design a dessert plate set - everyone creates a different design for each plate; Design a coffee mug set or dinner place settings; or choose a variety of pieces that they will enjoy. 


We provide two set up options for your Create-Party. We can either drop off all materials, paints and pieces so that you can paint or mosaic on your own. Or we can send an instructor to stay and help.


It's a unique and fun change from traditional wedding parties!

Wedding "Guest Book" Signature Platters


This is a really special gift for the newlyweds. Similar to a guest book, but so much more precious and memorable!


First, you'll choose a platter and paint it with the bride and grooms names and the wedding date (We can custom paint the plate for you or you can make it your own personal design).


Set the platter out during the wedding reception for all the guests to sign. Using a ceramic paint pen, guests can sign the plate and write a short message to the bride and groom!

They'll love it!

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