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Pottery painting class

Painted Rock Pottery and Mosaic is a Mobile Art Studio - We bring the studio to you for “Paint-Your-Own-Pottery” and “Create-Your-Own Mosaic!”


We accommodate class sizes from 10-100+ people. Classes usually range from 3-5½ hours depending on your Create-Party size. Classes are fun and available for all ages.  (*Classes of 40 or more require booking at least 3 weeks in advance and may require a deposit depending on your requirements, ie, special pieces, etc.)


What you provide:

We ask that you or the venue provide a space suitable for the class size, including tables and chairs, and a water source (hose or sink).  


You are welcome to provide anything else for your guests including snacks and beverages!


What we provide:

Our Mobile Art Studio brings all the art supplies you'll need for your “Paint-Your-Own-Pottery” or “Create-Your-Own-Mosaic” party. We provide table covers (but you can use your own if you have a special theme you are creating), and a great selection of pieces for your guests. Special pieces are available upon request and availability (may require a deposit).

One or more instructors will be available to facilitate your Create-Party! Instructors will arrive 30-60 minutes prior to the class to set-up and get everyone started on the creative process. Instructor(s) will available throughout the entire length of the class. 


We also provide a drop off option upon request. The Painted Rock Pottery and Mosaic Mobile Art Studio will be provided to the host with all creative supplies and pottery/mosaic pieces. Instructions for your Create-Party will be provided as well. We will come by at your specified pick up time to retrieve the Mobile Art Studio. This option typically works well for small or intimate gatherings.


Finished "Paint-Your-Own-Pottery" pieces will be picked up, glazed and fired, and returned in 3-5 business days (depending on the class size). “Create-Your-Own-Mosaic” classes do not require delivery or shipping since all pieces are finished the day of event.


Class prices vary depending on the piece chosen by your guest.  Prices for "Paint-Your-Own-Pottery" pieces range from $18-$50 each. “Create-Your-Own-Mosaic” pieces are from $20-$60 each. Prices includes the class fee, all materials and taxes.


We take cash, check and credit cards.  


Set pricing is available upon request. For example, if the class requested all mugs of the same price then we would be able to charge everyone the same fee.


Shipping and delivery:

All "Paint-Your-Own-Pottery" classes require anywhere from 2 -5 days for delivery, depending on the size of the class.


If a class consists of 20-30 people or less, then we can return finished glazed and fired pieces within two days. For example, pottery painted on a Monday, will be return delivered on a Wednesday. In some cases we can work for a next day delivery, but that depends once again on the number of pieces painted.


Larger class sizes may require 3 -5 days for delivery depending on the size of the class. With larger groups who are participating in a timeshare event, we often ask for checkout dates so that we can fire the pieces from guests who are scheduled to leave sooner first, and so on.


Once pieces are glazed and fired, we then carefully wrap them and bag them for delivery back to your home, venue, or the desired drop off location - this is always the most exciting moment for the guest artists!


We do offer shipping at additional costs depending on the size of the piece. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible, so the prices can range from $6-$20, with the exception of several items being shipped to the same location.


Mosaic classes do not require delivery or shipping since all pieces are finished in class and ready to go that day!

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