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You Choose it

You and your guests pick a piece of unpainted bisque-ware from our wide selection of pieces.


You Paint It

We have paint sets that include 48 different colors for artists to design their pieces. Idea books and stencils are available. Our paints are non-toxic and easily wash out of clothing and wipe off any surface with a damp cloth.


We Fire It

Once you have finished painting your piece, we will take it back to the shop and coat it with a clear glaze, then fire it in our studio kiln.


You Take it

Your masterpiece is complete and ready to take home to enjoy for years to come.


Call us to schedule your own Create-Party!

Paint-Your-Own-Pottery party:


Our Mobile Art Studio provides non-toxic paints, color charts that include design samples, paintbrushes of all kinds, water dishes, sponges for creating varying designs, pencils, binders full of stencils and design ideas, as well as other fun painting tools and materials.


We provide a large assortment of bisque pieces including mugs, platters, bowls, miscellaneous kitchen items, picture frames and many different types of figurines and decorations.


Special requests for specific bisque pieces can be made 3-weeks in advance so that we can assure the order arrives on time. A deposit may be required.

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